10th Biennial Microfinance conference- November28-December 1,2018- Mekelle, Ethiopia

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Call for Paper- 10th Biennial Microfinance Conference- Nov28-Dec1,2018-Meklle, Ethiopia

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Why Social Performance Management is important

By managing both their social and financial performance MFIs can be effective in achieving their social and financial performance MFIs can be effective in achieving their social mission and growing into sustainable businesses.

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AEMFI is pleased to announce that its 10th Biennial Microfinance Conference will be held from November 28 to December 1,2018 in Meklle, Ethiopia. The theme of the conference is "Accelerating Financial Inclusion with Innovative Financial Services for Sustainable Development". The conference will provide a unique platform for participants to gain insights, exchange views and best practices, network and share experiences on emerging innovative financial services, which have impacts on how financial service providers operate.

AEMFI now invites policymakers/regulators, practitioners, academicians, researchers and consultants to submit papers and abstracts on the following focus topic areas of the conference theme:

  1. Policies, Strategies and Regulation for Inclusive Finance
  2. SME and MSE Financing
  3. Rural Financial Services
  4. Role of Microfinance in Promoting Green Finance and Renewable Energy Finance
  5. Child and Youth Finance
  6. Digital Financial Services
  7. Financial Literacy
  8. Youth Finance and Job Creations
  9. SACCOs Financing
  10. Value chain Financing
  11. Status of Credit Guarantee Schemes and its challenges
  12. Social Performance Management and Responsible Finance
  13. Financial Product Innovation

Although we prefer final papers, we encourage researchers to submit a short abstract of their paper for screening until October 10, 2018. Please check the call for paper document here for further details.

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