Invitation for Proposal and Price quotes to facilitate an Exposure Visits (Re-Advertised)

AEMFI would like to invite interested and qualified consulting/training firms to submit proposals to faciliate two exposure visits it plans to arrange for its board members.

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Call for Paper: Microfinance Development Review- Volume 12- 2020

The Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) is planning to publish its Microfinance Development Review (MFDR) Volume 12, No.1.

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Why Social Performance Management is important

By managing both their social and financial performance MFIs can be effective in achieving their social and financial performance MFIs can be effective in achieving their social mission and growing into sustainable businesses.

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AEMFI performed the following activities in the year 2009

Knowledge Management and Information Dissemination

  • AEMFI has been disseminating the performance and challenges of MFIs to the wider public. The program was transmitted for 20 minutes once in a week using Ethiopia Radio. This is because majority of the people have the access to listen Ethiopia Radio. However, due to budget constraints, the program is not broadcasting.
  • Published Bulletin Volume 9. No. 1, Occasional Paper No. 24,25,26,27

Conducting Workshops and Conference and General Assembly

  • Conducted Annual General Assembly of AEMFI
  • Conducted a Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming
  • Conducted a Workshop on the Impact of HIV/AIDS to the Microfinance
  • Conducted 10th Anniversary of AEMFI
  • Conducted a one-day WEMAN workshop
  • Accomplished Field Visit to Wassa Microfinance Institution
  • Prepared Project Proposal for UNIFEM
  • Prepared a Three Year Project Proposal
  • Organized a Workshop on strengthening the capacity of MFIs to support MSE
  • Submitted a Project Proposal to Grameen Credit Agri-Cole
  • Re-registration of AEMFI


  • Training in Financial management for Branch office
  • Coordinating retail courses such as Foundation Course, and Accounting & Finance by service providers for frontline staff
  • Prepare project proposals to RUFIP to handle the Branch, Head Office and BOD training
  • Training in Strategic marketing for microfinance
  • TOT on Market Research for MFIs
  • Prepare project proposals on “Improving access to finance for the youth”

Performance Monitoring and Technical Assistance

  • Produced AEMFIs Five-Year Strategic Plan and Financial Projections
  • Collected and summarized financial and operational data of microfinance institutions to develop quarterly basic performance and outreach reports
  • Collected audited financial statements from microfinance institutions to develop the annual industrial performance analysis bulletin
  • Forwarded audited statements and specific operational data of microfinance institutions to the MIX
  • Developed several capacity building and research proposals which were forwarded to donors to support various research and capacity building initiatives

Management Information System

  • Follow up remittance program between MFIC and in the three MFIs ACSI, DECSI and OCSSCO
  • Follow up IT technology readiness program which was planned to be carried out in collaboration with Grameen Foundation


  • Financial Needs of Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) Operators in Ethiopia
  • Impact of HIV/AIDS on Microfinance
  • Institutionalizing Rural Savings and Credit Facilities (RSCF) in Ethiopia
  • Ethiopian Microfinance and Governance
  • Gender Mainstreaming in Microfinance Institutions

Saving and Credit Cooperatives Unit (SACCO)

  • Feasibility study of SACCOs Federation
  • Workshop on Vision building to the cooperative sector, particularly on RUSACCOs
  • Performance Monitoring and Technical Assistance for SACCOs

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