9th Biennial microfinance conference November 23-26,2016

The conference brought together more than 120 participants from microfinance institutions, practitioners in the microfinance and financial sector, researchers, banks, lease companies, technology service providers and other stakeholders.

MFI Technical Service Providers Certification Program- Launched

AEMFI in partnership with internationally renowned certifying organization (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management/ILO/other) is working towards introducing Co-branded Microfinance (MFI) Technical Service Providers Certification Program with the aim to bring sustainable solutions to MFIs capacity gaps. The certification program has officially started on November 12, 2018 in AEMFI’s training hall. Sixteen trainees from different […]

10th Biennial Microfinance Conference held between November 28- December 1,2018

The 10th Biennial conference took place from Wednesday November 28 to Saturday December 1, 2018 in Mekelle, Ethiopia. Over 160 people from the inclusive finance arena; specifically, executive directors and board representatives of MFIs, MSE and SME promotion agencies, Banks, local as well as foreign universities, international organizations, entrepreneurship promotion organizations, technology companies, consultancy companies, […]

Updates on recent activities of AEMFI

TOTs to MFI Staffs and TSPs AEMFI in partnership with LIFT delivered two Training of Trainers (TOTs) to microfinance practitioners and technical service providers in the sector from November 11-20, 2020. The focus area of the first training was on SLLC linked product manual preparation/ product development, while the second one focused on Business plan […]

11th Biennial Microfinance held in Bahirdar from January 25- 28,2022

The Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI), in collaboration with Amhara Credit and Saving S.C (ACSI) organized its 11th Biennial conference from January 25 to January 28, 2022 in Bahirdar, Ethiopia. The theme of the conference was ‘ “Promoting Digital Finance and COVID Resilient Financial Services towards the Achievement of Financial Inclusion”. More than 130 […]

Workshop to promote Ethiopian Inclusive Finance Training and Research Institute (EIFTRI)

The workshop was conducted on August 25, 2022 in AEMFI with the aim of promoting the training and research wing of AEMFI- Ethiopian Inclusive Finance Training and Research Institute (EIFTRI), which was established in 2014. Several participants from different organizations (such as universities, MFIs and rural finance practitioners, research institutions and other partner institutions) working […]