Workshop to promote Ethiopian Inclusive Finance Training and Research Institute (EIFTRI)

The workshop was conducted on August 25, 2022 in AEMFI with the aim of promoting the training and research wing of AEMFI- Ethiopian Inclusive Finance Training and Research Institute (EIFTRI), which was established in 2014.

Several participants from different organizations (such as universities, MFIs and rural finance practitioners, research institutions and other partner institutions) working on inclusive finance, Microfinance and other financial and development areas attended the workshop. While Ato Mekonnen Yelewemwesson, board chairman of AEMFI opened the session and gave few remarks on the importance of having research and training institution for the microfinance sector, the Executive director of AEMFI, Ato Teshome Kebede, briefly presented about the mission and objectives of EIFTRI and what it envisions to carryout in the future to play a remarkable role in delivering standard trainings to microfinance practitioners and conduct research works. As explained by Ato Teshome, the aim of the workshop was to invite all to work with EIFTRI and present the resources of EIFTRI for future collaboration. After the presentation, there was discussion and deliberation with participants about the available benefit packages while working with EIFTRI and additional areas that need to be explored and made clear.


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