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The Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) was formed as a non-for-profit, non-governmental association of the Ethiopian microfinance institutions as defined by Proclamation No. 40/1996 under which microfinance institutions in Ethiopia are regulated by the National Bank of Ethiopia.

It was registered and licensed as such on 28th June, 1999 by the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Government of Ethiopia. The original goals were for it to serve as a platform for knowledge and information sharing, and lobby for political support for the development of an enabling environment for the business of microfinance.

Since its formation, AEMFI’s goals and activities have broadened to include training, research, performance monitoring and benchmarking and provision of technical assistance. Regionally, AEMFI is the strongest of the Country Level Networks in Africa.

AEMFIs vision is to be a high class innovative network providing value added services in building an inclusive financial system in Africa.

AEMFIs Mission is to enhance the capacity of microfinance institutions to deliver financial services to urban and rural households through technical assistance, human capital development, knowledge management, research, networking and advocating and promoting the industry with mutual cooperation from its members, practitioners and key stakeholders.

AEMFI’s core value are;

  • Transparency
  • Non-political
  • Equity
  • Accountability
  • Member driven
  • Social responsiveness
  • Continuous learning and Growth

AEMFI aims to achieve the following general objectives:

  • Promotion of professional standards through training, experience sharing, exposure visits and technical assistance.
  • Develop clear understanding on purpose of solutions of the microfinance sector through research.
  • Influence national policy and the regulatory environment to facilitate the development of a strong microfinance industry.
  • Assist in identifying sources of loan and equity funds from domestic and foreign sources.
  • Monitor and improve the performance of members.
  • Facilitate networking, collaboration and information sharing nationally and internationally.
  • Develop a microfinance resource center for use by all interested parties
  • Advocate for the microfinance industry in all media at the national and international level

To achieve its objectives, the Association undertakes the following major activities;

  • Coordination of training
  • Facilitate networking and exposure visits
  • Performance monitoring and database
  • Technical assistance to member MFIs
  • Conducting research and publications
  • Advocacy and dialogue
  • Maintaining resource center
  • Organizing workshops       and conferences
  • Administration and fund raising

Specific Objectives

Based on the vision and mission statements , AEMFI strives to achieve the following objectives:

Board Members

Ato Mekonnen Yelewemwessen

Board Chairperson

Ato Anbessie Chaka

Board Member

Dr. Amsalu Alemayehu

Vice Board Chairperson

Ato Teshome Kebede

Member (Secretary)

Ato Tezera Kebede

Board Member

W/ro Wegayehu Asrat

Board Member

Collaborators & Partners

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