Knowledge Management and Communication


Knowledge Management and Communication

AEMFI is committed to knowledge management and communication. The organization collects and disseminates information related to microfinance institutions to its members, partners, and stakeholders through various channels, including its website. AEMFI also organizes conferences, seminars, and workshops to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking among its members. 

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AEMFI's 25th Anniversary

AEMFI has planned to celebrate its 25th Anniversary and launch first Ethiopia microfinance  day from November 21 – 24, 2023  in parallel with the its 12th biennial conference.

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AEMFI collects information related to microfinance through various channels, including research studies, surveys, and data analysis. AEMFI also gathers information through its partnerships with other organizations and networks. AEMFI disseminates this information through various channels, including its website, newsletters, training programs, and other communication channels.
AEMFI disseminates various types of information to its members, including research reports, policy briefs, training materials, and news about the microfinance sector in Ethiopia. AEMFI also provides information about its own activities and events, as well as opportunities for funding and partnerships.
AEMFI uses its website to provide information about its activities, events, and resources. AEMFI's newsletters provide updates on the microfinance sector in Ethiopia, as well as information about AEMFI's activities and events. AEMFI also uses its social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to communicate with its members and to share information about the microfinance sector in Ethiopia.
AEMFI's knowledge management and communication services have had a significant impact on the microfinance sector in Ethiopia. By providing access to information and resources, AEMFI has helped to improve the quality of microfinance services provided by its members. AEMFI's training programs and other capacity-building initiatives have also helped to improve the skills and knowledge of microfinance practitioners in Ethiopia. Additionally, AEMFI's advocacy efforts have helped to promote policies and regulations that support the growth and sustainability of the microfinance sector in Ethiopia. Overall, AEMFI's knowledge management and communication services have played a critical role in strengthening the microfinance sector in Ethiopia and improving the lives of the people it serves.
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