Training and Experience Sharing


Training and Experience Sharing

AEMFI coordinates trainings to enhance the skills of the board, management, and other personnel of member microfinance institutions. Training is among AEMFI’s main activities in building the capacities of member MFIs as lack of knowledge and skills at all levels of the sector is seen as one if not the major bottleneck for a healthy growth of the MF industry. AEMFI uses training forums to disseminate information and exchange of experiences in the sector.  

Upcoming Event

AEMFI's 25th Anniversary

AEMFI has planned to celebrate its 25th Anniversary and launch first Ethiopia microfinance  day from November 21 – 24, 2023  in parallel with the its 12th biennial conference.

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Our Role

Assess the training needs of the MFIs

Develop training content

Develop training modules

Identify local and expatriate with wide range of experience and knowledge that can be used to conduct the trainings

Conduct training

Document the training process


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AEMFI offers various types of training programs for its members, including courses on microfinance operations, financial management, risk management, governance, and social performance management. AEMFI also offers customized training programs that are tailored to the specific needs of its members.
AEMFI designs its training programs based on the specific needs and challenges of its members. AEMFI conducts needs assessments to identify the areas where its members require training and then designs the training programs accordingly. AEMFI also engages with its members to understand their specific training needs and to ensure that the training programs are relevant and useful.
AEMFI organizes experience sharing visits for its members to visit other microfinance institutions and learn from their experiences. Members gain insights into best practices, innovative approaches, and new techniques for improving their operations. Members also have the opportunity to network with other microfinance institutions and share their own experiences and challenges.
AEMFI organizes training and experience sharing visits on a regular basis throughout the year. The frequency and timing of these events depend on the specific needs and requests of its members. AEMFI also organizes training programs and experience sharing visits in partnership with other organizations and networks to provide additional opportunities for its members.
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