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Research & Publications

AEMFI conducts research on various aspects of microfinance and publishes its findings to inform and guide its members and partners. The organization’s research activities are aimed at identifying best practices, trends, and challenges in microfinance and developing practical solutions to address them. AEMFI’s publications include research reports, policy briefs, and other knowledge products.

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AEMFI's 25th Anniversary

AEMFI has planned to celebrate its 25th Anniversary and launch first Ethiopia microfinance  day from November 21 – 24, 2023  in parallel with the its 12th biennial conference.

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AEMFI conducts various types of research related to microfinance, including market studies, impact assessments, and evaluations of microfinance programs and policies. AEMFI also conducts research on emerging issues in the microfinance sector, such as digital financial services and client protection.
AEMFI uses its research findings to inform and guide its members and partners by disseminating the research findings through various channels, including its website, newsletters, and training programs. AEMFI also uses the research findings to develop and improve its own programs and services, and to advocate for policies and regulations that support the growth and sustainability of the microfinance sector in Ethiopia.
AEMFI produces various types of publications, including research reports, policy briefs, and training materials. AEMFI also produces newsletters, annual reports, and other publications that provide updates on its activities and events
AEMFI ensures that its research and publications are relevant to its members and partners by conducting needs assessments and engaging with its members and partners to understand their specific information needs. AEMFI also involves its members and partners in the research process, soliciting their input and feedback to ensure that the research is relevant and useful. Additionally, AEMFI disseminates its research and publications through various channels to ensure that they reach a wide audience and are accessible to its members and partners.
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