Performance Monitoring & Technical Assistance


Performance Monitoring & Technical Assistance

AEMFI regularly conducts performance monitoring and provide technical assistance to its members to help them improve their operations and overall performance. This service is designed to identify areas where members can improve and provide them with the necessary technical support to implement those improvements. By working closely with its members, AEMFI helps them achieve their goals and enhance their impact on the communities they serve.

The performance monitoring collects, maintains, analyzes and disseminates selected financial, operational and performance data of member microfinance institutions on a quarterly and annual basis. The unit also provides technical assistance to member institutions in business planning, and financial management. 

Upcoming Event

AEMFI's 25th Anniversary

AEMFI has planned to celebrate its 25th Anniversary and launch first Ethiopia microfinance  day from November 21 – 24, 2023  in parallel with the its 12th biennial conference.

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AEMFI identifies areas where its members can improve their operations through regular monitoring and evaluation of their performance using various tools and indicators.
AEMFI provides its members with technical support in areas such as organizational development, product development, financial management, and risk management, among others.
AEMFI measures the impact of its performance monitoring and technical assistance services through regular evaluations of its members' operations and by tracking their performance over time.
AEMFI offers a variety of training programs to improve its members' performance, including training on microfinance operations, financial management, risk management, and product development, among others.

Major Activities

Continuously revisiting selected performance indicators and reporting formats with member microfinance institutions and other stakeholders

Preparing and revising a performance monitoring manual for use as a guidance in collecting and analyzing data about the microfinance industry

Periodically collecting institutional, financial, and operational data and processing them using an appropriate database

Disseminating performance indicators, financial data, and operational data of the microfinance industry to various stakeholders using a bulletin published annually

Assist member MFIs in improving their management information systems, business planning, financial management, and systems and procedure.

Institutions by maintaining an industry-wide database
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